Yeo Chance to Grow Week

Community is important to us here at Yeo Valley. With 8 sites dotted across Somerset and Devon, we’ve been exploring who our local communities are, their biggest challenges and how we can extend our support to them.

Although you’ll find us across the Southwest, a large number of our people come from Bristol. When we heard about the Bristol Future Talent Partnership (BFTP) and the positive impact we can have by working with other local organisations, we wanted to be a part of it.

Here is what some of our students had to say:

“I enjoyed talking to lots of different people in different positions and hearing about their career journeys”

“This is an eye-opening experience, and I would definitely recommend this programme as it has opened my eyes to different types of careers”

“I would recommend this work experience because it is a completely new experience that you won’t get anywhere else”

Quotes from our colleagues:

“The students were incredibly engaging”

“The students asked better questions then the adults, we need to do more of this here at Yeo Valley. That was fun”

“I felt inspired just soaking up the energy from everyone else and it was lovely to be involved”.

This is just the beginning of our journey with BFTP. Our next step is to use the passion of our team to mentor the students that came to visit us. We’ll also be looking at other schemes that we can support, so that one by one, we can start to break down the barriers to employment.

Together with BFTP, we can make a meaningful difference to the future talent in our communities.